Austin seven box SOLD


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Austin seven for sale it runs, it drive, it stops.
It has a bacon slicer engine,

it apparently was rebuilt for events but he can’t remember what he was told. He knows it has a cutout switch and starting button
It has Bowden type brakes
It has a V5c
The paint work is not the best but it looks ok and is a very solid car.
The inside again is ok but not the best !!
But if someone wants a running car to work on or change into a special then it’s a good place to start.
It also has got a 12v battery and 12v coil but not sure if the starter was converted.
The car is in Cowbridge, Wales.
Will consider px either box of bits or a chassis of Austin 7.
If you want it but too far away
He knows someone who deliver cars all over UK – happy to give his number for a quote
Thanks for looking