About Speed Seven

Speed Seven Co was founded by Simon Leadbitter.

At age 11, he started to gain interest in some of the more interesting bicycles before beginning to sell them at age 13. Over time, his interest grew from bikes into cars, where his first car was a VW Beetle. He has since owned many cars as well as models such as a Type 2 Campervan, Morris 1000, Mini Clubman, some old Rovers, and multiple Audi 100 Coupes. His first vintage restoration project was at age 17, with a 1936 BSA Scout bought from the BSA Club. It was a 11 year restoration project which he still owns today.

The interest for Austin Sevens comes from the variety of specials that have been made, and he has since bought and owned a number of different specials.

Currently, Simon runs a Cycle Shop in his local town. He has done for the last 35 years and loves restoring old road bikes from the 50s through to the 90s.